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Southport in the Media

2017 - April

Southport Celebrates 25 Years 04/28
Southport celebrated 25 years of operations with a commemorative ceremony today... 
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Southport Recognizes 25 Years of Flight Training 04/28
Southport celebrated its 25th anniversary of flight training earlier today with a morning ceremony that had Premier Brian..
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25 Years of Flight Training in Southport 04/27
Southport Aerospace is celebrating the silver anniversary of its flight training this month... 
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Southport Turns 25 04/27
Southport is celebrating its 25th anniversary on Friday with a commemorative dedication... 
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Southport's Come a Long Way in Five Years 04/19
Southport Aerospace has come a long way in five years. CEO Peggy May brought the Portage Rotary Club... 
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